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PivOS Tofu M1 on MyGica 500X

This product is one of the best, will bring back your old Boxes to live so you could use once again.. This is not Actual Kodi, it’s Tofu File you need: http://bit.ly/1VWrOnk Pros: 1. its fast and quick 2. Network management under Programs Cons: 1. if you load a lot of add-ons it will go […]


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Minix Neo X8-H And Neo M1 Remote Unboxing & Little Review

Here is a Video about Minix Neo X8-H Which is 4K Box, and running QuadeCore CPU and 8Core GPU, this video i have a detail Walk through of the OS + Little Review of the box, we have covered the Box section and placed it almost at the end of the video ============================== Links where […]


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Jynxbox M1 Pure Linux V2 XBMC – Unboxing And Introduction

Here is yet another awesome box from Jynxbox which is M1 Version 2, its faster and better then M1 Version 1 Where To Order One: http://goo.gl/BHFKW7 Share This:


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Karaoke Add-On For XBMC Via Fusion Http Servers On Jynxbox M1

We’ve seen a lot of karaoke addons created for XBMC in the past, but never have we actually found a karaoke addon to be truly useful before this one. It basically turns your living room into a karaoke bar, with the biggest library of songs we’ve seen at any karaoke bar in the past, and […]


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Fix TimeZone On XBMC for JynxBox M1 Pure Linux XBMC box

To Correct Time Zone we always suggest you process this.. FaceBook Fan Page: http://goo.gl/ZdB5vc Twitter: http://twitter.com/xctechs Instagram: http://instagram.com/xctechs Google+: http://goo.gl/qIfpa0 Share This:


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Jynxbox M1 XBMC Setting Wifi

Here is something alot of you asked since Jynxbox M1 Came out… Share This:


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Unboxing Jynxbox M1 Pure Linux XBMC Set Box

Since alot of us just want one box that only runs XBMC smoothly, here is a good box. this video just for little intro to Jynxbox M1, and unboxing.. Where to place your order for one jynxbox.me Share This:


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