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Mario Skin For Kodi – How to install

Alright this is what we were waiting for, for a long time, a skin that would give us feeling to play Mario again. This Skin is created by ( yels ) and awesome guy taken alot of time to customize this skin for us. by the way he dose have another skin called Batman which […]


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How to Add XCTechs YouTube Channel Add-on In Kodi

To Add Our YouTube Addon to your Kodi Follow these steps 1. Select Settings Then File Manager  2. Select Add Source  3. Select <None> and press Enter 4. Enter the Url (( http://xctechs.x10host.com ))   5. At the bottom name media Source Enter (( *XC Techs )) Then Press Ok Button 6.  Press Esc on […]


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FireTV How to install Kodi, Support

There are many people that started to have issues with new Gui Software to auto install Apps on there FireTV or FireTV stick, do not worry we have you guys covered just follow the steps… as usually we always want you to try easy way first 1. You need to try adbFire to install Kodi […]


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XBMC Karayoke Add-on On Kodi – how to install

Since alot of people wanted to know why its not working or how to install here is a video to walk you through!.. 1. How to intsall Fusion http://bit.ly/1IcwcIw 2. How to intsall Add-on Installer http://bit.ly/1JmPb0b Share This:


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Fix Time Zone On Kodi Linux – How To

Since alot of questions came up with Linux based Kodi how to fix Date and Time, and also Fix the from Celsius to Fahrenheit, here is a video on how to Share This:


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Thumbnails View Mode On Kodi – How To

Here is a real quick video on how to change views on Kodi from list to Thumbnails Share This:


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Navi-X 4.0 How to Install On Kodi 14.0

Here is yet another Solid release of Navi-X 4.0 which is fixes and speeds up the Navi-x with XBMCHUB repo so you don’t require to update anymore.. What you need: Fusion Http Servers: http://goo.gl/xbzo46 Add-On Installer: http://goo.gl/muxpe1 (( NOTE: if your having issue with the add-on please to official website for support http://goo.gl/odv2VR )) Share […]


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Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux Kodi Remote V2 Quick Review & Remote ShortCuts How-to

Here is a video on how The New Remote V2 looks, how it functions. Also we have covered shortcuts … Links you need: Remote V2: http://goo.gl/fgZBxh Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux Kodi: http://goo.gl/tgggYq Share This:


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MyGica ATV1800E Manual Update – How to

Here is a awesome flawless update for MyGica ATV1800E, which is officially released on Mygica website Things you Need: 1. MyGica ATV1800E 2. something to place your box to recovery mode 3. SD Card Over 512 MB 4. Download the file Official website Link http://goo.gl/dU21bM 5. 10 Minutes Share This:


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JynxBox M6 Pure Linux Kodi 13.2 – How to Update

Here is yet another awesome work from Jynxbox for M6 Latest version of Linux called Pure Linux XBMC AkA Kodi 13.2 Things you need to process this: 1. Mini SD card ( 512MB or Over ) 2. File http://goo.gl/RLgPlk Official Website http://goo.gl/eycxRY 3. 10 Minutes to process this Share This:


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