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Fix Time Zone On Kodi Linux – How To

Since alot of questions came up with Linux based Kodi how to fix Date and Time, and also Fix the from Celsius to Fahrenheit, here is a video on how to Share This:


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Thumbnails View Mode On Kodi – How To

Here is a real quick video on how to change views on Kodi from list to Thumbnails Share This:


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Navi-X 4.0 How to Install On Kodi 14.0

Here is yet another Solid release of Navi-X 4.0 which is fixes and speeds up the Navi-x with XBMCHUB repo so you don’t require to update anymore.. What you need: Fusion Http Servers: http://goo.gl/xbzo46 Add-On Installer: http://goo.gl/muxpe1 (( NOTE: if your having issue with the add-on please to official website for support http://goo.gl/odv2VR )) Share […]


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Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux Kodi Remote V2 Quick Review & Remote ShortCuts How-to

Here is a video on how The New Remote V2 looks, how it functions. Also we have covered shortcuts … Links you need: Remote V2: http://goo.gl/fgZBxh Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux Kodi: http://goo.gl/tgggYq Share This:


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MyGica ATV1800E Manual Update – How to

Here is a awesome flawless update for MyGica ATV1800E, which is officially released on Mygica website Things you Need: 1. MyGica ATV1800E 2. something to place your box to recovery mode 3. SD Card Over 512 MB 4. Download the file Official website Link http://goo.gl/dU21bM 5. 10 Minutes Share This:


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JynxBox M6 Pure Linux Kodi 13.2 – How to Update

Here is yet another awesome work from Jynxbox for M6 Latest version of Linux called Pure Linux XBMC AkA Kodi 13.2 Things you need to process this: 1. Mini SD card ( 512MB or Over ) 2. File http://goo.gl/RLgPlk Official Website http://goo.gl/eycxRY 3. 10 Minutes to process this Share This:


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MyGica USB QAM HDTV Tuner Review – How to

MyGica did it again, and brought a little gift-box with MyGica ATSC Dongle USA: http://goo.gl/tsyqee Canada: http://goo.gl/1txMNt Official Store : http://www.mygica.tv Share This:


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Genesis Add-on On Kodi Install & How-to, From Fusion Http Servers

Here is yet another awesome add-on, from tvaddons and we thought it would better to bring detail help how to install and how to setup .. Things you need: 1. Add Fusion Http Servers: http://goo.gl/iTurGV 2. Install Addon Installer : http://goo.gl/BZxomE Share This:


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How to Install Fusion From TVAddon Servers

Once you’ve installed Kodi, the Fusion Installer is your first step to getting all the best add-ons for XBMC. 1: Navigate to the “File manager” tab under the “SYSTEM” menu. 2: Click on the “Add source” option. 3: Select the top text input box marked “” under the “Enter the paths of browse for the […]


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Go Movies Add-On On XBMC From Add-on Installer, Fusion Servers how to

Here is GoMovies Add-on and how to install it from Add-on Installer which is part of Fusion Servers, Step by step guide, What you need: Fusion Http Servers: http://goo.gl/xbzo46 Add-On Installer: http://goo.gl/muxpe1 Share This:


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