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Install Kodi 15.2 On Android Box Via Play Store – 101 Guide

Here is a video which alot of you guys requested, remember that Kodi is been avalible on Google Play store now for good few months, so here is how you can install it on your Android boxes If you want to un-install older version to install this follow this video http://bit.ly/1YfFSqT If can not install […]


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Arnu Box Mach 10 Pure Linux Kodi 15.2 – Review

The Mach 10 Pure Linux features a trimmed down experience that lets users interface directly with Kodi instead of accessing it through Android. Official website info: http://bit.ly/1OitX83 Buy From Official Website: http://bit.ly/1MWDAaC Pros: – Setup Wizard makes initial setup easy – OTA firmware update – Cloudword makes installed of add-ons easy – Excellent video playback […]


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ProBox2 EX+ QuadCore Android Set Top Box – Review

Here is yet another awesome QuadCore box with great Features and Remote+ which makes the box stand out even more.. Pros: – Easy Ui aka Launcher – Main Menu have short cut for Kodi – Preloaded Kodi – Remote+ is part of it – Antenna is de-attchable Cons: – Same design box as older model […]


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Install Kodi 14.2 On Android Box

Since alot of people requesting basic steps on how to start new Kodi on Android Box, here is a new video Share This:


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Install OpenElec Kodi 14.1 On Prometheus HTPC Box

Since this update come up, and alot of request + emails, i thought i come out and make a little step by step help how to setup Things you need: 1. Download file http://www.openelec.tv 2. Where you can pruchase this box http://www.kodinow.com Share This:


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VidON Android Box Little More Review

Since we could not cover some parts, we brought out this video to cover the portions missing from original video… As Promised here is links you need First Review Video Link: http://goo.gl/Dt6Yz4 Where to order : http://vidon.me/ Share This:


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VidON Android Box Review

Here is yet another awesome little Android Box called VidON Box, its created by http://vidon.me/ group, they are working very hard to bring you a customized Unique design and OS Where to order : http://vidon.me/ Share This:


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T8 AML V2 Android Smart TV Box – Review

Here is yet an awesome flawless box, from droidsticks its called T8 AML V2, its an QuadCore CPU and ActoCore GPU, here is a review on what we found as goods and bads, i should indicate there are more pros then con on this box set.. Things you need: 1. Official website of Droidsticks: http://goo.gl/9CSVYH […]


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TVMC Install on Android Box

Here is yet Another mindblowing software by TVAddons.ag group, its called TVMC its jampack fully addon loaded Kodi but TVAddon Edition. it is available on Google Play Store with a Cost, but for now its available on there website to download for free and you can side load it to your Android BOX where you […]


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Difference Between G-Box Midnight MX2 VS Droid MX Box

Lately are proliferating in the market poor quality refurbished copies of popular G-BOX Midnight MX2 imitating their outward appearance. These teams are also fully compatible with the G-BOX Midnight Firmware Original MX2 and internally have a very different hardware as discussed in the following article We have received the Droid MX safely at the official store of the manufacturer […]


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