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Install Kodi 17.0 Beta2 From Windows 10 App Store

Here is How you can install Kodi 17.0 Beta2 from Microsoft App Store, step by step guide, a few little pointer when you are trying to install and you see the button is gray out. do not worry check these steps. 1. Windows is up to date. 2. Did you install Microsoft Anniversary update for […]


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Mobile App To Control MyGica QuadCore Boxes

Here is yet awesome app for your phones to control mostly MyGica QuadCore Boxes, and have full functions and you do not have to spend anything Only Tip: make sure your connected to same router Share This:


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ATV Flash (Black) 2.6 YouTube App Fix For AppleTV 2

Here is how you can fix your YouTube App on your AppleTV2, via ATV Flash (Black) 2.6 which is Created by FireCore Here is what you need to know first: 1. Tell Difference Which AppleTV your Holding ( AppleTV 2 or The New AppleTV 3) http://goo.gl/F5qXtx 2. Download Seas0nPass http://goo.gl/KhcPE4 3. Install XBMC and nitoTV […]


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MAGTV App Setup On MyGica Box – How to, Step by Step Guide

Here is how you can setup MAGTV App which is a MAG250/254 Stocker Emulator for MyGica box only, You can setup your MAG250 IPTV on this APP how to install MAGTV Share This:


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Install MAGTV APP on your MyGica Box

  This app is exclusive to Mygica brand Boxes, and its a IPTV stocker app, which emulates MAG250/256 In The video we are showing how to install it from Mygica Store or From Android Market Play store Share This:


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AirPlay App For Apple iOS 6 & 7 On MyGica ATV1200 Android Set Box

Since alot of us having Apple and Android Product this app will bring ease to our life, by making it possible to play your Apple Pictures and Videos directly from your Apple Devices to our MyGica ATV1200 Android Set Boxes, Official North American Order: http://goo.gl/wpwYzv Official World Wide order: Coming Soon Share This:


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Yatse APP For XBMC On G-BOX Midnight MX2

Since Some poeple don’t like the remote and don’t want to spend money on another remote here is a video to help you guys control your XBMC easily 1. Download Yatse Free App 2. Give Yatse App Rights to control XBMC under settings 3. Add your IP address and use Where to Order your own […]


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Add-On Browser – Free App Store for XBMC

We’ve been hearing questions like what’s a repository, what’s an add-on, and all kinds of other terms that are super difficult for the average layman to comprehend. In order to make things easier, we’ve created a kind of App Store for XBMC (don’t worry everything is free) where you can simply choose your desired add-on […]


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OTA Updater App 101 For G-BOX Midnight MX2

Since alot of people requested on easy setup for G-Box MX2, i thought i should make a video step by step on some easier way to Update Over the Air your G-Box.. Official website to order: http://goo.gl/7jgE1C Share This:


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Enabling the Installation of Unknown Sources on your Android Device

If you’re trying to install an application on your Android device that isn’t being installed directly through the Google Play store, more likely  you’ll encounter an error informing you that the installation of unknown sources to your device is not allowed. It’s very easy to correct this issue, and it is something that most Android users could […]


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