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AKA Wizard For Kodi – Review

Here is an awesome customized Kodi Wizard for 3rd party Addons, Animal brought us a total game changer Where to get : http://bit.ly/1EcxUJ3 Official Website: http://bit.ly/1PtJ9xr Share This:


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Kodi AKA XBMC Video Format Fix

This problem is not that common but i know someone will get stuck, i thought we should bring a quick video how this is fixed.. **** With help of our awesome friend @ThananN this issue was brought up how to fix, Thank you buddy **** Share This:


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Jynxbox M1V2 Pure Linux Kodi AKA XBMC 13.2 Update

Here is a video on how to update your Jynxbox M1V2 to latest version of XBMC 13.2 Things you Need: 1. Jynxbox M1V2 2. a Pin to place your Box to recovery mode 3. MiniSD Card ( 512MB or higher ) 3. Download file http://goo.gl/3bd24X 4. 10 minutes Share This:


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