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XBMCFullyLoaded Wizard For Kodi 14.2 On Android Only

Here is an awesome Customized Wizard by XBMCFullyLoaded Group, and here is how to install step by step This Wizard is made for Kodi 14.2 only, and must be running on Android only, it will not work on any other platforms and we can not help on how to run it on any other platforms […]


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Install TVMC 14 2 On Android

Here is how you can install TVMC 14.2, which just came out by TVAddons group, Step by Step walk through Share This:


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Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux XBMC To Kodi 14.2 Update

Armada Linux Based XBMC did an awesome update to Kodi 14.2, watch our video and process the update and be up to date with your Armada M8 linux Kodi 1. Where to order one http://bit.ly/1KyziEa 2. Main Store http://bit.ly/1F0lhxA Share This:


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Install Kodi 14.2 On Android Box

Since alot of people requesting basic steps on how to start new Kodi on Android Box, here is a new video Share This:


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Install Kodi 14.2 On FireTV Via AdbFire Using Windows

Since alot of request here is how you can install Kodi 14.2 via adbfire on your Amazon FireTV or Amazon FireTV stick Things you need: 1. FireTV or FireTV Stick 2. AdbFire ( http://bit.ly/1xOiMOO ) 3. Kodi 14.2 ( http://bit.ly/1C1CWAk ) 4. Windows or MAC PC or Laptop 5. 10 Minutes Share This:


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