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G7BTS Bluetooth 5.0 Air Mouse Remote Unboxing And Review

This remote is Bluetooth 5.0 and do not come with USB dongle you need to pair it to your Smart TV or Android box to use. I like the remote but it has its own little bugs. 00:00 intro01:00 unboxing02:13 G7BTS Remote ( Details )03:10 Buttons04:37 Backlit Testing05:31 Pair Bluetooth …

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FiFine K678 USB Microphone Unboxing And Review / Test

If you don’t have microphone already or using your laptop microphone for video conferencing (zoom, MS teams, etc), you should really pick this up. This is an easy setup, no drivers needed. It’s plug and play right into Windows 10 or Mac pc. index 00:00 Intro01:04 Unboxing02:19 K678 Mic First …

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