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aTV Flash (Black) 1.1.1 New Features And How To

There are some new updates on this package i really like how easy now it got to play the video and subtitles are running, also playlist got alot better, and DVD menu audio got really good… and now you can play damage VOB files too Added support for embedded ‘Timed …

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Seas0nPass Troubleshooting Tips

Latest version Always ensure you’re running the latest version of Seas0nPass. The latest versions are listed below. Mac – 0.7.9 (290) PC – DFU mode Ensure you are using a silver (aluminum) AppleTV remote. The older white (plastic) AppleTV remotes are missing the dedicated play/pause button and will not work. …

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Saving Firmware Signatures

From time to time Apple will stop ‘signing’ certain firmware versions which prevents these versions from being installed. The timing usually coincides with the release of an updated firmware version, but you can easily retain the ability to install these older versions by backing up your firmware signatures. Backing up …

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