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AppleTV 2 – Ssh nitoTV via MAC or Ubuntu

Alot of you having problem with E drive and this and that, will since we are on 4.3 or higher the steps are to make sure we don’t have any problems. Here is what you need 1. Jailbroken AppleTV 2 ( ) 2. If your on Windows ( 3. …

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SHSH Blobs Meaning

SHSH blobs is a Hash signature system (Signature HaSH blobs) made by Apple Inc. to control manual software downgrades on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches (a typical prelude to Jailbreaking). An SHSH is created by an SHSH formula (CLI Application) with 3 or 4 TSS keys- the device (e.g. iPhone …

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ShSh Blob Meaning in Details

SHSH blobs is a Hash signature system (Signature HaSH blobs) made by Apple Inc. to control manual software downgrades on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches (a typical prelude to Jailbreaking). An SHSH is created by an SHSH formula (CLI Application) with 3 or 4 TSS keys: 1) the device (e.g. iPhone 4 CDMA), 2) the firmware version being signed (e.g. 4.2.8) …

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