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AppleTV 2 – Uninstall XBMC How to Ssh Via PuTTY

Since i am receiving alot of request and walk through on how to Uninstall XBMC from ATV2, since its beta package and most of you believe it will fix the issue if you uninstall and reinstall, which it wont help at all, here is the steps… Software needed for Processing …

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Un-install XBMC From ATV2

Now I am not sure why would you want to delete XBMC from your Jailbroken AppleTV2, but since alot of you guys requested on creating a page, about it here it is root@ipaddress:22  Password is alpine apt-get update apt-get remove org.xbmc.xbmc-atv2 To Continue Press Y for Yes Press Enter killall …

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