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Mele PCG01 Mini Windows PC – Review

Mele did it again and brought us a awesome 64bit and it is 32GB eMMC Dongle that can be used for Windows 8.1 but that is not only part, we have manage to update it to windows 10 for free, here is a video for quick un-boxing and upgrading to …

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ARNU Mach Q Pure Linux – Review

Official Website: Where to buy : Here is another awesome QuadCore box that will bring in PureLinux Kodi on your table with alot of goodies, Theatherinabox guys did hard work on making this box pure and smooth for kodi.. This box was formerly known as Aramada box but …

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StreamSmart S5 Android Device – Review

Here is a review on the latest device from StreamSmart called the S5. Official Website Order your StreamSmart TV S5 For more information on the S5…

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