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libRTMP Update on XBMC Manually Step By Step

If you’ve recently began to encounter problems with live streaming, chances are it might very well have something to do with your libRTMP file being out of date, as the XBMC software doesn’t seem to have a good version of libRTMP to satisfy the needs of the majority of live streamers out there. While it isn’t that complicated to do this, this is considered to be something for more technologically comfortable XBMC users.



  • FTP Client Software
  • libRTMP File (depends on platform)

1Download the updated libRTMP file from XBMCHUB.COM FUSION SERVERS.

2: Follow the platform specific instructions below to replace the current file the updated version you downloaded.

Replace /Applications/XBMC.frappliance/Frameworks/librtmp.0.dylib with the new version.

3: You’ll now want to enable “Updated libRTMP present” within the addon “Settings” for SuperTV, rtmpGUI+, or whichever other live streaming addon you use.

Your Done: Your live streaming experience with XBMC should now be maximized. Remember not to eat that entire supersized fry, it’s no good for you.

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