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OpenSsh login Problem & How to fix the issue Step by Step

If i came across this i am sure most of you guys did too..
To Fix the Ssh Log-in Problem we will look in to a few sections,
First make sure your AppleTV 2 + PC or MAC PC is connected to same Router If your not sure Click Here to setup Network Properly..

Make sure your AppleTV is Jailbroken except that you can’t just use Ssh

To jailbreak

Jailbreak With Seas0nPass (Blog)

Jailbreak with Sn0wBreeze (Vlog)

One More Thing, Make sure you Know that its AppleTV 2 and Not AppleTV 3 Click Here to find out which one your holding

If Network is setup properly and your still getting problem with log-in Then Follow these steps..

1. Check IP Address on AppleTV 2

2. Open CyberDuck or FileZilla, Because These two are compatible on MAC and Windows but in This case i am using Cyber Duck

3. Try to enter the info To Selected places

Select SFTP ( SSH File Transfer Protocol )
Server: Your AppleTV 2 IP address
Port: 22
Username: root
Password: alpine
Click on Connect 

4. You will get this error Message

This means, Your AppleTV 2 OpenSsh Been Hit by a Worm from internet, don’t worry… But Only way to fix is Start all over again ( Which Means )

1. ReJailbreak Your AppleTV 2 iether with Seas0nPass or Sn0wBreeze

2. Change Your Ssh Password Click Here

3. Install aTV Flash (Black) Click here

4. Ssh XBMC 11.04 Click Here

5. Install XBMC or nitoTV Via nito Installer (MAC Only) Click Here

Congratulations: You Have successfully Now Processed Password change for OpenSsh on Your AppleTV2. and you would not have any problems with login anymore.
Unless you have forgotten your password in that case this page Repeats it self…

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