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Buzztv VidStick Plus Android 9.0 Stick – Unboxing And Review

Now this version of VidStick has more RAM and internal Space. Which means running apps would be a lot easier, and more space will allow you to install your games and not worrying that I am going to run out of space. by the way, we know you can add more space using USB 3.0 or microSD slot.

We have tried to explain more about Wifi speeds and different testing on what we have accomplished in detail in the video at 20:23.


0:00 Intro
00:17 Little info
01:08 Unboxing Details
03:11 Global Power Supply
03:50 IR Sensor & HDMI Extender
04:56 BT-100 Remote + Travel Bag
05:30 BT-100 Remote Detail
06:04 BT-100 Backlit Test
06:35 VidStick Plus First look
08:13 First Boot
08:45 Pair Remote first time,
09:05 Welcome Screen
11:48 Launcher In Detail
13:04 LiveTV in Detail
13:58 VOD in Detail
14:57 PVR in Detail
15:27 EPG in Detail
16:08 AIDA64 Box Info
18:31 RootChecker ( Root Not Properly Installed )
18:36 Antutu Benchmark ( 68102 )
18:57 Geekbench ( 125/406 )
19:00 YouTube 4K Test
19:22 Netflix SD ( 520P )
20:23 Speed Test in Detail
24:36 Conclusion

Where to purchase:
Amazon CAN: Coming soon
Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/372KxJP
Buzztvglobal: https://buzztvglobal.com/?ref=CdprUe73Yd2b
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