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Melofun Elite Pro True Wireless Earbuds – Unboxing And Review

In this video, I have covered the unboxing and review of the Melofun Elite Pro true wireless earbuds. These earbuds feature up to 8.5 hours of playback time, built-in awesome mics with CVC 8.0 for clear voice calls, all of your playback controls (including volume) IPX-4 water-resistant design, and a price tag of $59.99 USD. If you make a lot of voice calls with your earbuds, these do a pretty good job in that area. The sound quality is decent as well although they aren’t the clearest.

0:00 intro
00:58 Unboxing
01:09 All the Components
02:52 Elite Pro First Look
04:46 earbuds details
05:52 Docking Station charging LED
05:58 Pairing Earbuds with Android Phone
07:52 Touch Test
08:30 Phone Sound test
09:30 Connect & Disconnect Bluetooth
10:31 Base 35% / Sound 90% /

The official link for the earbuds: http://www.melofun-audio.com/productshow.asp?showidd=2&sID=001

Links for purchasing this coming soon.

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