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AppleTV 2 – Navi-X How to Use Search

Name: AppleTV 2 – Navi-X How to Use Search

The basic tutorial how to use Navi-X, And how to process Search First thing Navi-X is plugin you need to install on XBMC, and it has alot of goodies inside, Free TV channels, and share channels, Movies from all around the world, and more….

To Process this, you do need to jailbreak your ATV2, also Ssh XBMC, nitoTV, and aTV flash (Black)

1. Jailbreak ATV2 with iOS 5.1.1

2. Ssh XBMC beta on ATV2

3. How to install Navi-X plguin

4. Ssh nitoTV On ATV2

5. Install aTV Flash (Black)

6. How to create Shortcuts on XBMC

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