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Mileagea Mini Projector 800 Lumens Model: GP8S – Unboxing And Review

This Projector got us really excited about a price range and looks, but boy was I wrong. After opening and checking out the buttons and connections with 2 HDMI input, and VGA and Headset jack. and RCA connectors that now I can hook up my old VCR to this and take more advantage of this little awesome mini Projector.


– Little projector
– Very Loud Micro Speaker that sequels
– fully functional buttons on top with source button and more.
– RCA connection for your old VCR and Old VHS/Beta Cameras and Cassettes.

– 4X3 Scales
– Huge pixels
– max resolution you can make is 50 inches.
– 340 scale not even near to 480i
– Very Very dark, no near to 80 Lumens never mind 800 Lumens.

Not recommended anyone to spend money on this projector.

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