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MyGica ATV1900ac – Review

Here is Yet another awesome very detailed box, which MyGica Company brought out, its on its best…

We Brought up a Unboxing and Review so Enjoy

Where to buy: http://www.mygica.tv
Official Website: http://www.mygicana.com

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  1. What i have noticed with lots of Media Player reviews is that you guys don’t test out putting external HDDs especially 4TB ones, you test only files but can 4TB external be read on that media player???? I’m looking for a media player that can read one.

    • It’s good thing you have indicated, we do have a external harddrive. No one have sent one for review and indicated to process a review that way.

      But if anyone would like to support us with a 4Tbyte HD we can surely add it our reviews

      And to answer since connectin to via USB 2.0 it can be read as 4Tbyte yes access files may lack since internal storage still needed for cache

  2. hi i bought mygica 1900 and i have the icon MagTv but when i click it window pop up it say
    so please can you help me thanks

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