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MAGTV App Setup On MyGica Box – How to, Step by Step Guide

Here is how you can setup MAGTV App which is a MAG250/254 Stocker Emulator for MyGica box only,

You can setup your MAG250 IPTV on this APP

how to install MAGTV

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  1. Michael Thompson

    What would i put in for portal URL http://, and the rest of it im lost at this point in setting up megtv not sure where i can find my url

    • I can not provide you a IPTV service provider you need to find that your self from online and purchase a subscription, i just showed how to process it, not What to type in URL

  2. Hello sir!
    I watched your video and I installed magtv app on MyGica 1800 After typing profile name and portal url I tried to login into server but it comes with connection error.Do I have to change mac address,I think it’s automatically created by emulator and I already send that one to my service provider and it’s now associated with my account.Do I have to change serial number,I left it all zero’s.Also is this one required(portal is internal and portal url)I tried both combinations,one to leave it alone and the other one I ticket portal is internal and became-true,as for internal portal url I input same address as portal url.My box is connected with ethernet cable and it shows certain ip address in my router but when I looked on the emulator setup page it shows quite different,same as yours on video- Can you please provide any information.

    • I would stick to basics to setup, request help from your provider; what info have to setup on Mag250/256 and then **Only** enter those sections

      Do not change anything else unless your provider tells you so

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