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MyGica ATV400 & ATV520E Software Update 4.2.2

Here is yet another awesome update, which will bring in Kodi 14.1 Customize edition for MyGica + MyGica Store check out our video for what’s new and how to process the update

Things you need:

1. File http://goo.gl/oMCzvX
2. Official Website http://www.mygica.ca/
3. Where you can order this MyGica Boxes: http://www.mygica.tv/

Here is a list of the changes that have been added and made:

1. Updated MyGica Launcher to KODI
2. Added KODI 14.1 MyGica Edition pre installed
3. Added latest new version of the MyGica Store
4. More Webcam Support
5. Fixed few other minor bugs


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  1. I upgraded my mygica atv400 white box and it will not boot up. The power light is on but there is no output. Can you help.


  2. Hi i’ve downloaded the file but when i click on it i get 7 files on your vidio it show only one image file ! i know there are other people with the same problem. i have download. the file and unzip .by clicking on the file twice. i have tried.windows xp windows 7 and mac computer .the mac computer unzips the files automatically but it opens 7 separate files 4 of the files aer. lmg files and 3 other files.do you have any suggestions as i don’t normally have any problem following your videos thank you for your time. George

  3. i too got my Atv520E box brick (just showing red Light) after following the procedure as mentioned to upgrade to 4.2, it went thru the whole set up and installation and told me to reboot, when i reboot it just stays on the red light & wouldn’t go any further, cannot find my receipt to take back to store, what I’m I suppose to do know.

  4. Since the MyGica ATV400 is essentially the same box as the Jynxbox M6, is it safe to use the MyGiga firmware upgrade on the Jynxbox ?

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