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MyGica ATV1200 Software Update 4.2.2

Here is yet another awesome update, which will bring in Kodi 14.1 Customize edition for MyGica + MyGica Store check out our video for what’s new and how to process the update

Things you need:

1. File http://goo.gl/adUhJY
2. Official Website http://www.mygica.ca/
3. Where you can order this MyGica Boxes: http://www.mygica.tv/

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  1. I can not get this specific file … When I unzip it there are more files mentioned. Which one should I select??!

    • My Friend the link i have provided it only have one link and one file image inside, please double check i am sure your doing something wrong or not opening correct file…

  2. I’m not using this file … I’m using the other file small remote 34 .. Is it should be same procedure?

    • my friend, on ATV1200 i would suggest you use the K60 since it has support for newer remote, if your using the older one you could kill the box since those are created for ATV400 & ATV520E

  3. My ATV1200 specs are:
    Model: EnjoyTV ATV1200
    Running: Linux 3.0.101-MX 24 June 2014)
    CPU: ARMv7 (Rev 0) Dual Core
    Interface: XBMC 13.2 (29 Oct 2014 complied)
    Can I use the update you have here for my box, since mine seems to be MX Linux and not Android.

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