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AppleTV 2 – aTV Flash (Black) 1.4 Changes & Updates

FireCore Group brought us another Version of aTV Flash (Black) 1.4, Which has alot of new features which alot of you going to like, now in order to process this you need to follow this

1. Jailbreak your AppleTV 2


2. aTV Flash (Black)


3. Update aTV Flash (Black) 1.4 follow this video and it will help you line by line what to process,

here are the new features brought to us by FireCore Group

NEW: Center channel audio boost (+6dB and +12dB) for 5.0 and 5.1 audio tracks

NEW: Finnish, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Swedish translations

NEW: ‘4:3 Crop’ and ‘4:3 Stretch’ zoom options

NEW: Support for M3U and PLS playlists

NEW: EyeTV folder detection

NEW: TrueHD audio (downmixed)

NEW: 24-bit and 32-bit audio (downmixed)

NEW: Enhanced downmixing for 5.1 AC3 audio (Dolby Pro Logic II)

NEW: Support for embedded MP3 covers

NEW: Automatic EXIF-based image rotation

NEW: MP4s embedded subtitles

NEW: Clock added to main menu

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