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How To Root FireTV

Since this video is requested, i have to let you guys know, that you can process this faster, we are waiting for the file to come out but just to be ahead and this process will be the manual install

Things you need in order to process these steps:

The Main Android SDK Software

TowelRoot Software

SuperUser APK file

Root Checker

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  1. I was on YouTube where I found your video on “how to root the Amazon Fire TV”


    When I clicked on the link http://goo.gl/NK2Unm to download the towelroot apk I was brought to a donation page. So I donated a very small amount to geohot but I still was not able to download the apk. I emailed him yesterday but still have not heard back from him.
    What do you suggest I do now? Can you possibly send me the necessary files?

    thank you

  2. When I click on that link it brings up the actual tr.apk jibberish in binary or hexadecimal language. It does not prompt me to download the file. I am using a Mac Mini. Can this be why?

    • I am a bit concerned as I was able to finally download that towelroot apk using my phone & transferring it to my computer.. My virus program says that it is a virus. Well?

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