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Amazon FireTV Upgrade XBMC to 13.1, Step By Step Guide

Here is a Video Showing you how to upgrade XBMC on Amazon FireTV which is Running Amazon version of Android OS, and here is Step by step how to


Links you need:

How to fix FireTV remote:

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  1. When in the command prompt, when it is time to enter the sdk folder, it tells me the system cannot find the file specified. What am i doing wrong?
    I just received my amazon fire tv yesterday. Please help. I watched your youtube video and sent a comment but no reply so I’m trying to way. Thanks in advance

    • as video shows, open your folder and highlight the address section and that way it makes it easier to go in the folder

      that way it you wont make mistake..

  2. hey,

    the vid was brilliant everything loaded as you said. my main issue, and something i cant find anything about is that for some reason xbmc is not connecting allowing me to upload addons. i try adding fusion xunity etc in upload nothing. something tells me that xbmc is not getting any internet connection. can you please help?

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