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AppleTV 2 – Downgrade from XBMC Gotham 13 RC1 to Frodo 12.3

Since alot of you guys found out that, gotham is not compleltly compatible with add-ons, and having issue wanted to downgrade back to Frodo 12.3 stable release

here is video how to process that

Things to Know:

1. Jailbreak your AppleTV 2
Seas0npass http://goo.gl/s3XMbC

2. Tell Difference Which AppleTV your Holding ( AppleTV 2 or The New AppleTV 3)

3. Download Nito Installer & website link

Download Link: http://tinyurl.com/nitoInstaller-Win
Web: http://tinyurl.com/jailbreakapple-com-link

4. Install PuTTY On Windows

5. Steps By Step Guide On Our Website

6. To Change Your OpenSsh Password on your AppleTV2
http://youtu.be/wnZSvLm7doc (Windows)
http://youtu.be/ob8VOJKFYuo (MAC)

7. If You Can’t Ssh To Your AppleTV Follow This Full Guide

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