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Super Configure XBMC With New XBMCHUB Wizard

Alot of you didn’t know how to setup proper and working XBMCHUB wizard so here is a video to clearfy some steps and install xbmchub fresh restart!….

things to know: make sure your on XBMC 12.0 or higher

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  1. Hello.

    Even since i updated my XBMC and added the latest xbmchub addons as well as mash up addons, i have major problems watching 720p or higher videos. Whether it be icefilms, Hackermill on mashup, it freezes and then resets my apple tv2.

    Can you help me with this and if this has been happening to others.



    • that is problem with Hardware, since alot of more power is being pushed, to get awesome quality out, and ATV2 is just about to get that section that needs more power..

      • hello,

        when you say ATV2 is just about to get that section, what do you mean? Do you mean there is a patch being worked on by xbmchub. Can you give me more details and how will i know that the update will be available.

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