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Review: Podoor PC 100 Remote & Air Mouse 2.4G Wireless Keyboard


The Good: The Prodoor PC 100 remote is very light weight to grab and play your games on Android boxes, the keys smooth and not sticky..  the keyboard is full and enough space to press the buttons without pressing 2nd key together.

The IR portion with 2.4Gig range is good enough to work up to 7 Meters without problems. don’t matter which way you position the remote as long as its not facing away from the USB hookup..

The MicroUSB where it located for charging is real convenient, no need to to hook it up on the side and think the wire will be pulled and fall, you can use your Samsung S3 or S4 Dock for charging.. works perfectly..


The Bad: When your holding the remote while using the play and OK button the keyboard which is the opposite site, your going to press bunch of the buttons, unless your real careful.

When using on Windows or Mac, and you bring up a Browser the trying to use the Air Mouse to scroll down or up the page is moving too fast, can’t seem to get a proper handle of it to scroll properly..

The Keys on Keyboard section moved a little bit, as an example look at the picture bellow

2013-10-10 12.36.54

2013-10-10 12.36

There are some little ups and downs but this remote have more ups then down. I would recommend buying Prodoor PC100 Air Remote, if your just regular user or gamer it works wonder since it has a nice grip for playing games, but if your in to typing a lot; then you’ll find some keys are not positioned on correct spot. It make harder to type at first few hours or a day till you get use to the keyboard.

Over all its a good Device i really recommend buying one since, its prefect size for one hand typing besides its reasonable, and affordable  price.

Check it out on w2com website for ordering

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