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XAF XBMC + MX Player On JynxBox Android HD & HD Mini

Topic: XAF XBMC + MX Player On JynxBox Android HD & HD Mini

This is how you can install XAF XBMC V12 on Jynxbox Android HD & HD mini, you need to have MX Playerin order to make movies work on XBMC but, remember the high Quality 720P and 1080P still needs improvement with XBMC.. but for the rest its Awesome little device and can do alot of things..

( I Did forget to say Where you can download the XAF XBMC & MX player From but i have written on video the website )

Things to Know:

1. Download XAF XBMC & MX Player
XAF XBMC http://tinyurl.com/akl9834
MX Player http://tinyurl.com/barzg8d

2. Direct Link Website

2. JynxBox Official Website

3. xbmcandriod is another big supporter of JynxBox Android HD


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