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aTV Flash (Black) 2.4 – AppleTV2

Firecore brought yet another awesome update for there aTV Flash Black 2.4

1. To get a Subscription aTV Flash Black 2.4 go to http://goo.gl/ZLenE

2. To Jailbreak AppleTV2 with Latest Tethered Jailbreak 5.3 http://goo.gl/s3XMbC

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2 thoughts on “aTV Flash (Black) 2.4 – AppleTV2
  • Angelo says:

    Hi there,
    So I have aTV2 JB with latest 5.3 and with aTV Flash Black 2.4 on it 🙂 All good BUT what I can’t find anywhere online is clear answer on can I use any Plex client with this configuration right now and if “not yet” where to look for that update/development? 🙂


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