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AppleTV Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

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If you have an Apple TV these are some simple tips and tricks that you should know about. The following tips come from a Reddit post which can be found here.


1: Holding down the menu button will get you back to the main menu a lot faster than repeatedly clicking it.

2: Holding up during playback will show info about the video.

3: Holding select while viewing a video gives you audio options, like closed captioning.

4: In Netflix, press “play” on the episode in the summary episode-list page to play it directly.

5: Holding the play/pause button will turn off the Apple TV when on any app at the main menu.

6: Holding select while on an app tile allows you to rearrange them.

7: AirPlay Mirroring works a lot better from OS X 10.9 Mavericks than it did on 10.8.

These are mostly posted on Apple Website, but we thought its good to bring it in our own website

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