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Install XBMC 12.2 on Measy U4C QuadCore Android Top Box

Since alot of you guys were having problem installing XBMC, i made this video to show you it works and its safe to install XBMC on Your Measy U4C QuadCore

More info about Measy U4C QuadeCore Android

1. http://goo.gl/XiuHBv More Detail Info
2. http://goo.gl/KnR5zA Unboxing Video

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  1. I have had some recent issues with my GBOX. Looking to replace it with something more proven. Essential use would be for XBMC. Knowing that you have recently posted videos on the Measy U4C, the Jynxbox M6 and the ATV1200, what are the pros and cons between the three? Is one far and away the superior option? Is the U4C a little overkill for XBMC or does the Quad 4 provide a faster, sleeker experience? Also, how accessible is support? I have purchased a Measy air mouse and couldn’t find anyway to get more information on the product. To their credit, the company that sold me the GBOX was very quick to reply to enquirers. I realize that you have to stay somewhat impartial but I hoping that you have a recommendation for someone who just wants to get it right the second time around. Appreciate your time!!!

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