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AppleTV 2 – XBMC ScreenSize Fixing Properly and Collaboration and How to

This video is very quick Video on how to fix the screen size when your on TV, and some menu’s are not showing, this will fix the issue for you,

Since alot of you asked i thought i should bring up the video

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  1. brilliant job guys ,ive installed nitotv and xbmc
    im having a real problem getting scrapers to work im networked direct to router via ethernet ,i keep getting remote server not working ,ive used winscp to do backdrops worked thanks its just themes and fanart ? also how do you delete files you have added
    many thanks and great work..

    • go to place you created the file like i have Movies folder for movies, so select the movies folder press and hold Menu key for 5 seconds and you get new menu

  2. thanks that worked fine all covers and fanart for music and movies. Just turned back on apple tv 2 and just get apple on the screen and flashing light on front of the box ?

  3. thanks to your blog, I learned a lot of things !! Thx !
    I would like to know wich nightly build do you use ? Thanks to your video, i installed the 19-sept-2011 build and I don’t have the fanart view.
    thx for your reply

    • That is actually in NitoTV it should be 10.0-9 and works great but to get fanart u need to place pictures on by one in the folders of the movies

      • Yes I did it, and it works but my problem is that I don’t have the fanart VIEW.

        • in each folder, place a picture as fanart.jpg restart your ATV2 go back to your XBMC check again it should show that is a default built in section you don’t setup manually, unless you download the XML from somewhere like imdb.com

  4. Hi i don’t know if this is the right place to ask question.I have been watching your you tube on Apple tv 2 and they are very good.I know you are a big bollywood fan i am searching for zip file for bollywood and cricket i would be much obliged if you could point me where to find this thanks and i live in canada
    regards Naginder

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