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Brand New Box For Our Raspberry Pi


Just the other day searched online to find a local place to purchase a Raspberry Pi case and Guess what?  I found one, awesome case created by MultiComp which takes me back to element14 website!….

Alright here is how it looks

raspberry pi

How i put it together a little step by step


Once you place the Raspberry Pi in the box need to place one side first then

2013-05-20 21.43.01

u need to push on the little part where it closes the little parts on the sides

2013-05-20 21.43

Then place the top section and by placing it upside down you can slowly start to push down the bottom section down word


Once onside set down you can try the second side and push in and it clicks in


That is it and it should look something like these pictures

2013-05-20 21.45.02

2013-05-20 21.45.39


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