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Change AppleTV 2 Background Image


Are you creative and do you want to personalize your Apple TV look?
You can change the background image, by just repalcing the BackgroundGradient@720.png
Make your image exactly 1280×236, and name it BackgroundGradient@720.png

Note: try to keep the original, by renaming it first! Use Cyberduck, and choose to rename existing files is a perfect way to do so.

In iOS5 it is located at :


in iOS6 it is in :


For an extra tweak, you can change the Apple logo on top of the car, when the ‘Settings’ icon is selected.

1. Rename the AppleTVTopShelfLogo@720.png to AppleTVTopShelfLogo@720.org.png
2. Select the file AppleTVLogoChromeReflection.png and choose Duplicate in Cyberduck
3. Rename the duplicated file to : AppleTVTopShelfLogo@720.pn

Untitled-1If you like these images, you can use my car ;-)


( info taken from appleTV2.nl )

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