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Downgrade 5.2 To 5.0.2 Using Seas0nPass

Since Alot you having problem and don’t know if you selected 5.2 aka 6.1 or 5.0.2 aka 5.1 Here is a few steps to help you guys out!..

Always good to know where to download the Seas0npass Software from, because i don’t like when you guys message me and say This website needs you to fill out your phone number or this or that!…

So always official website is good www.seas0npass.com
download your Windows Version of MAC

1. Open up your Seas0nPass and Right Click On ( Create iPSW )


2. Select 5.0.2 9B830

iOS Selection

3. After let it do its thing and Place your ATV2 on DFU mode and let it finish

4. You will get error 1602 that means its Done

iTunes Error

Your Done!.. Your AppleTV 2 is Jailbroken

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  1. I have apple tv 2: 5.2.1 firmware with no shsh blobs. having trouble trying to jailbreak with seasonpass since it only supports up to 5.2. Any help would be appreciative.

  2. Hi,
    I have apple tv version 5.2.1 and I want to downgrade to 5.0.2 which is the supported version for jailbreaking to get to the DFU mode. I have tried several times but still recieving messages mode not supported.
    Any help?

  3. Everything happens just like you say, I get the error and all. Then I plug in the HDMI cable and get nothing but the connect to iTunes logo. Thoughts?

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