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How To Fix iTunes Error 1600

When you are trying to restore iPhone 4/4S/5, AppleTV2 or The New AppleTV on Windows or Mac, the iTunes error 1600 may appears on your computer like the following message:

The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600).


To Fix the error, just follow these steps below:

  1. Update iTunes to the latest version.
  2. Check the USB cable is available and connect computer correctly.
  3. Turn off the iPhone, and press the Home button until the USB cable connect the device.
  4. Hold the Home button again until the “Connect to iTunes” message appears.
  5. Release the Home button and restore required.
  6. Connect the iPhone to PC via USB cable.
  7. Run iTunes and backup your data.
  8. Select “Shift+Restore”, and then select the latest firmware from computer.
  9. A message will pop up to inform you to erase and restore iPhone to iOS the latest version of iOS, and then click “Restore” to verify the restore with Apple.
  10. After restore has been finished, a message will appear and click “OK”.

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  1. Hi…I’m trying to jailbreak an Apple TV2 I bought from Amazon. I ran iFaith and it said it found the 5.2 blob, which I used to create a custom IPSW, saved it to my desktop and then tried to restore in iTunes. I’ve tried this about 20 times for this one box and usually get a 1604 error, then 1600 over and over…any suggestions or is there a blog to walk thru how to take an ATV2 right through?
    Also, most of the shsh files (for other boxes I have) end in 6.1.3…does that mean there isn’t any older ones to restore to and I’m screwed? The thing I don’t understand is I checked these boxes out and most ran 5.2 (6106.96) when I checked General/About…
    Lastly, I have a box that’s running 4.1…how do I go about breaking it?
    I also just got a SERVICE “APPLE MOBILE DEVICE(APPLE MOBILE DEVICE) FAILED TO START. VERIFY YOU SUFFICIENT PRIVILEGES TO START SYSTEM SERVICES error when updating iTunes to the newest version as per your recommendation above.
    Thanks very much – love your uTube vids.


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