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Enable File Sharing on a Mac or PC – How To

Before streaming files to the AppleTV from a Mac or PC, file sharing will need to be enabled.

Mac Users

1: On the Mac, navigate to the System Preferences –> Sharing menu.

2: Ensure a checkmark is placed next to the ‘File Sharing’ option.

3: Drag any folders, or USB drives you wish to access on the AppleTV into the ‘Shared Folders’ list.

4: The shared items can now be accessed on the AppleTV!

Windows Users

1: Locate the folder that is to be shared.

2: Right click the folder, select the ‘Properties’ options and click the ‘Sharing’ tab.

 3: Under the Sharing tab, select the share button, and ensure at least one user is listed in the ‘Choose people to share with’ list and click ‘Share’.
(Note: If ‘Everyone’ is in the list that works too)

4: Click the ‘Advanced Sharing’ button and ensure the ‘Share this folder’ box is checked.

5: You can now access this shared folder from the AppleTV!

( Thanks to FireCore Website for info )

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